Hồng Ngọc Cô Bé Kiêu Ngạo Và Cái Kết

Hồng Ngọc Cô Bé Kiêu Ngạo Và Cái Kết
Hồng Ngọc - Cô Bé Khinh Người Và Kết Cục Bi Thảm

I think we should fuck up in every zip code
It would make my pussy wetter than a fishbowl (Wet)
Pussy a kitty cat, I pet it like a pet (Pet)
I fuck doggy style so much I need to go to the vet (Pet)
Hotbox? More like a scorching pussy
Open this coochie up like a fortune cookie
Yo' banana in my mouth, watch my tongue go ape
Yo' dick getting more blows than a birthday cake
When I'm near it, no, I don't fear it
Licking on that penis like a letter when I seal it
Today way wetter than my past slob
And if you unemployed I can give you a ass job
Pussy already wet don't need no lube ointment
Dick twisting in my stomach like food poisonin’
That's how you know when you hit the spot
I'll make your pants unzip more than Ziploc

Yo' dick brick hard like a medal (Uhh)
I got three holes for it like a pretzel (Uhmm)
Tight as a virgin, boy, don't get nervous (Tight)
I'm here to serve you customer service (Right)
I save dick by giving it CPR
I save dick by giving it CPR (Yes)
Put my mouth on it like CPR
Let's make porn and watch it on VCR